Why go to graduate school? To win a Nobel Prize one day? You like the work (me)? Someone has offered you a position (Paid to learn – great!)? There are many reasons to start – and complete – a PhD. Current academic training creates many candidates for limited career positions. Much has been written about.

One of the hallmarks of medical genetics is non-directive counselling. Therefore, I was dismayed to read the case for selective paternalism in genetic testing in Wired’s Neuron Culture. In most cases, genetic tests only provide information and patients need to determine if they want the information and/or what to do with it. Genetic counsellors.

January is once again upon us with all its rain, darkness, winter depression and breaking of New Years resolutions. January 2013 will be no different, but this year a whole community of science-enthusiasts will be sharing it with you. A fresh team of organizers have worked hard to rethink the ScienceOnlineVancouver concept.


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